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March 2024 Newsletter

Hello! It’s March!

Spring in California, but not so much in other parts of the country!
McLaren Coaching | Take A Break
I love this quote by Annie Lamott. Not just because I love Annie Lamott so much, but also because it’s just so true. When my printer doesn’t work, I unplug it. When my zoom doesn’t work, I log out and back in. This works 90% of the time. And here is the thing…
Join us on at noon (Pacific) on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, for our Time Management Workshop where you will learn prioritization, urgent vs. non-urgent tasks and tools to use for immediate changes. All proceeds from this workshop go to the sponsorship fund for the 2024-2025 coach training.
In my ongoing series designed to show you the many different types of people who come to our coach training and the varied reasons they come, this month…

Meet Ranger Kielak

Honesty Pill Podcast

In this insightful episode, we explore strategies for productivity, mindset shifts, and overcoming roadblocks with our guest Cami McLaren, founder of McLaren Coaching. Cami shares her unique perspective as a former lawyer who transitioned into coaching musicians and professionals from various fields. Get ready to dive into practical tips, thought-provoking discussions, and personal insights that will empower you to unlock your full potential.

Transformative Coaching Essentials 2024

Our coach training program for next year is now open!

This year marks our fifth anniversary of training coaches!

Our next Transformative Coaching Essentials cohort begins on July 27, 2024, and we are looking for individuals and businesses to help build our sponsorship fund.

Coach-Style Leadership Workshop - April 17, 2024

The March date is sold out!, but join us in April to learn more about reflective listening, curiosity and Worldview and their importance in communication, the importance of clear agreements and how to hold a space of accountability for those you lead.
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