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Coaching is powerful.

Coaching is life-changing. Coaching is a way for people to move forward and achieve their dreams. Coaching is limitless. Coaching supports individuals, partnerships and businesses in becoming who they want to become. Coaching supports non-profits doing important work in this world. Coaching works!
The following businesses and generous humans have given money to support new coaches in becoming agents of change! Because of their generosity, a trainee or trainees in our Transformative Coaching Essentials 2024 program is able to become someone who takes a stand for humans and their potential! We are so grateful to them for supporting and facilitating the future generation of coaches. If you would like to contribute to making desired positive change in others, please contact Cami.
You’re stuck! I get it! I’ve been there too. I call it β€œsitting on a commaβ„’.” Something in your life is on pause and you’re not sure how to get moving again. You’re having difficulty unlocking the answers on your own. I can help you get unstuck from whatever is holding you back in your career, relationships, personal goals or new endeavors! As your coach, I build relationships based on a sense of purpose, action-orientation and having fun in the process. I help you through your journey, while challenging you to tap into the wisdom you carry inside to get off the commaβ„’.
Genuine curiosity puts the β€œdynamic” in aging. Coach Joan Virginia Allen, co-author of Dynamic Aging: Simple Steps to Whole-Body Mobility, and creator of Coaching Dynamic Aging, invites you to open the door to unlimited possibilities at any age while having FUN!
Megan believes in the power of the right question, using curiosity to open the door to possibility so her clients create the change they want in their businesses, careers, and personal lives. She brings this power to the world through speaking engagements, workshops, training, small group coaching, and individual coaching. Whether working with a group, a business, or one on one, Megan takes a stand for her clients so they can make significant pivots. When you’re ready to scale up your business, pivot in your career, or simply decide what’s next, Megan will be there with the right question for you.
Ali Goff is the owner and founder of BAWLR, LLC. She is a certified coach (from McLaren Coaching) and loves to grow badass leaders. She creates luxury retreats for badass women leaders.

Kelly brings 30+ years of experience to the business world as a Coach and Trainer. She coaches individuals and organizations in personal and professional development utilizing who they are authentically as leaders in their lives to create sustainable and meaningful results. Kelly leads with professionalism, authenticity, humor and high energy. She relates to real-life situations while rigorously challenging her clients on all levels. She has developed the LIFT Method to help YOU achieve the results you want in your life. In 2022, she launched the LIFT(her) group coaching program for women. Kelly hosts the “Let’s Be Honest Before We Start Pretending” podcast.

Santosha Yoga Collective in Loomis CA

Santosha Yoga Collective in Loomis CA is owned by Stephanie Alston, certified professional coach through McLaren Coaching’s TCE program. Santosha means “Contentment” and we set the standard for what yoga CAN be, supporting folks in finding their own contentment in body, mind, and soul. Through coaching, Stephanie leads her team of wellness professionals and yoga teachers to truly live their purpose through the way they show up in their classes and workshops, giving the gift of service and intention through movement and mindfulness for every stage of life.

Coach Wendy leverages her natural instincts for empathy, listening, and connection to support others in embracing their priorities, stepping into the light, looking beyond the surface, and finding where they belong in the world. When you work with Wendy you’ll discover what really matters to you, and she’ll help you figure out how to create the life and career you want and deserve while honoring your authentic self.

Whether you call it a body-doubling, coworking, flow or focus session, it may just be the magical solution you need to help you get focused, stay focused and get more done! Try Focus Pocus FREE for 7 days to overcome distractions and increase productivity. No webcam or microphone needed.

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