Transformative Coaching Essentials (TCE) Inclusivity Statement

It is our intention that everyone maximize their experience in TCE. We are aware that feeling included may impact you and others receiving the maximum benefit. We are also aware that feeling excluded might negatively impact the value that you and others derive from the TCE experience. It is our intention to create an environment where everyone feels seen and understood.

To that end, we are committed to:

  • Intentionally engaging with each TCE participant in a way that is curious and supportive to the needs of every individual.
  • Creating a Safe Space for others to be with us and discover who we are.
  • Being intentional in noticing behaviors and hearing expressions that might cause anyone to feel excluded. While assuming positive intention, we will intervene and call for accountability.
  • Seeking to understand and honor others’ perspectives and experiences.
  • Being respectful to, and curious about, each person despite differences in values, beliefs, and worldviews,
  • Meeting people where they are and taking a stand for others when needed.

So that:

  • Everyone feels safe to speak and learn in this environment; and
  • We become coaches whose way of being impacts the world in a way that promotes equity and inclusion.