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Assisting attorneys and other professionals in getting to the next level in their business.

Developing superior coaches and coach-style leaders.

Workshops & Trainings

We work with law firms and other companies to improve communication, time management, productivity and ultimately bring greater results.

Coach-Style Leadership

In today’s business, there is an increasing shift from the traditional style of management to what is called coach-style leadership. Coach-style leadership involves, “asking,” “empowering” and “guiding.” It is often seen as a partnership, rather than a hierarchy.

Coach Training Program

We provide a coach training program designed to produce first rate Professional Coaches. Our coaches go on to have their own coaching practices or to use the coaching skills in their organizations, often in management roles as “Coach-Style Leaders.”



Upcoming Event(s)

Game Changer Workshop #4
Purpose & Outcome
June 4, 2024
12noon - 1:30pm PDT

Virtual via Zoom

Time Management:
What have you been doing all day?
June 11, 2024
12:00p- 1:30p PST
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Coach Training 2024
1 Saturday per month
for 12 months starting
July 27, 2024

In Person in Sacramento, CA

with Cami McLaren

In this insightful episode, we explore strategies for productivity, mindset shifts, and overcoming roadblocks with our guest Cami McLaren, founder of McLaren Coaching. Cami shares her unique perspective as a former lawyer who transitioned into coaching musicians and professionals from various fields. Get ready to dive into practical tips, thought-provoking discussions, and personal insights that will empower you to unlock your full potential.
Cami tells us about her experience pursuing a dream that is “that big” while acknowledging “who she would have to be” to achieve it. In her pursuit of safety, she traditionally played small and invisible. Cami challenges the concept that you have to believe something before you can achieve it. Tune in to hear how Cami discovered the power of community and being challenged to do the thing that scares you.
Listen to this podcast with one of my favorite coaches and mentors, Kelly Mobeck. In this episode, we talk about all things coaching – what is it? When might you want a coach? How to go about hiring a coach? How to get trained as a coach. All the things!
Today we are going to explore accountability and why it’s important to have an accountability partner. I am so excited to introduce you to my accountability partner, Cami McLaren, and we trust you are going to be empowered to create accountability partnerships going forward. We believe it is a catalyst in taking the lead in your life. Let’s go!

Coach Training Program Testimonials

“This training has helped me so much to grow my skills as a leader – learning to be more curious with people and less of a problem solver so that they can…
“The skills I’ve learned as a coach not only benefit my ability to advance my business, it also enhances the treatment I offer my clients tremendously. As a…
“As the owner of my own law firm, I decided to take the McLaren Coaching, Transformative Coaching Essentials coach training program, in order to…

Achieve a sense of balance between work and personal life.

Learn to make values-based decisions and set meaningful priorities.

Improve communication in work and personal relationships.

Get clarity on what you want and specific steps toward achievement.

Our coach training program is open and begins July 27!

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