Race Matters in Coaching

Training Workshop


What do you specifically need to know about how/why race matters to be an effective coach?


What coaching skills do you bring to working with “others”? How can you become more expansive, comfortable and effective with different kinds of people?


Experiential learning to gain comfort and skills talking about and coaching around issues of race.

I am partnering with MK Chavez of Ouroboros Coaching to bring an important workshop to professional coaches. Ouroboros Coaching is committed to supporting organizations and individuals in promoting equity, inclusion, and anti-racism through their coaching style services. MK recognizes that in order to create meaningful change, we must expand our worldviews and support others in developing their own.

The mission of Ouroboros Coaching is to create spaces that foster safety, inclusivity, and courageous conversations where we can explore our discomforts and biases. MK believes in making visible what has been invisible for too long and helping people to become more agile in expanding their worldviews while supporting others to do the same.
This is a one-day workshop exclusively for coaches. The workshop purpose is to create a space where we can discuss and explore race issues. The World needs coaching, and we cannot effectively offer this to the world without acknowledging and deepening our awareness of race and oppression.


Date & Time


This live, in-person event will be held in Sacramento, and you will be notified of the specific location when you register and pay.



We invite you to pay $300 if you can in order to sponsor another student.

We also invite you to ask for a payment plan or a lower price if your budget is tight right now.

Because we are offering discounts to those who need such consideration, there is no “early bird” pricing for this training.


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