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Certified Performance Coach

“I recently finished six months of sessions with Cami McLaren.

Although very nervous about starting coaching, I soon discovered that this was exactly what my life needed. Throughout the weekly calls, Cami and I built a great professional relationship. She was always so positive, giving me the feedback and strength I needed to achieve my goals. When asked, she sent materials, as well as, recommended reading materials to further our work together. When I became overwhelmed, we worked together to make necessary changes.

…In the end I cannot believe what we accomplished and I’m forever in her debt for helping me to help myself. Cami was an incredible asset to my life and the changes in my home. I would not hesitate to use her services again if I ever need to in the future.

With gratitude!”

The result is a more centered me, my learning how I can change my life in positive ways, and how I can bring into my life what I want. I feel empowered and capable, and have attained my long held goals.”

“I started working with Cami as a business/career coach because I felt frustrated and unfilled in my legal career. Through coaching I moved out of feeling like a victim of my circumstances into seeing what choices I had made and what choices I could make. I envisioned what I really wanted in my life, which led to some major career shifts for me. Cami is curious about me: what works, what doesn’t work, what I’ve learned. She reflects what she observes so that I see circumstances or myself in a new light. She also challenges me to stretch beyond where I think I can go. Because of my work with Cami, I see myself and my capabilities differently than I did four years ago. I am a risk taker, a creator, a storyteller, an educator and an advocate. I was always these things, but I truly began to see it because of my work with Cami. ”

“Cami was my Performance Coach for six months and it was truly a life-changing experience. She made it exceedingly clear that she was not a therapist but would provide a rare opportunity to mirror back to me, in an objective way, that which I was projecting to the world…

This was an extraordinary opportunity to really delve into where I was in my life, where I wanted to go and acknowledge the obstacles in my way ~ or get clear about next steps to reach my destination…

The process Cami guided me through was life-altering because she was able to see/hear patterns and recurring themes in my life that eluded me ~ such as in my values and purpose, as well as helping me to see that my hurdles were often more about perception than reality.

In addition to Cami’s exceptional listening skills and insight, she was also determined to keep me on task and ask the hard questions which required me to dig deeper into my own sense of self….

Cami came to each call fully engaged and with purpose, centered around how she could help me obtain my objectives. She always had tools and reading materials to recommend that were highly pertinent to our conversations. She is an incredible listener, hearing the real content through all the din of excuses and regret, and always guided the conversation to gain clarity on what it was we were trying the achieve together. She was a true partner in the process.

I heartily endorse Cami McLaren as a Performance Coach ~ but only to those who yearn for personal growth, are willing to be honest in where they want to go, and are ready to work hard to get there. Cami will be exceedingly helpful in that process.”

“Cami was my coach for the last 6 months and with her support, I’m happier now than I’ve been in years. My life is fuller and I’m grateful for what has been brought into my life.

I like coaching’s focus on looking forward. This is important. My experience of psychotherapy was focused on the past and learning how I got to be the way I am today. In coaching, I discovered the aspects of my thinking and behavior that hinder me from attaining my goals, which enabled me to make change that allowed me to reach my full potential.

What worked well for me was having someone hear me – really hear me – and reflect back my words or make insightful observations in a non-judgmental way. This was incredibly helpful in getting me to see what was getting in the way of me reaching my goals and enabled me to make effective changes. Cami helped me to stay focused on achieving my goals through weekly commitments. She was an excellent resource on tools and techniques that enabled me to get a better grasp of what mattered to me most and helped me to convert destructive behaviors and thought patterns into beneficial ones. The books Cami suggested opened my eyes to looking at my situation in a different light and reinforced the lessons I learned through our discussions.

The result of my work with Cami is a more centered me, my learning how I can change my life in positive ways, and how I can bring into my life what I want. I feel empowered and capable, and with Cami’s support, I attained my long held goals.”

“For me, the [performance coaching] process led to unlearning many beliefs and challenging my own self-limitations. I found many assumptions about myself that made me ineffective in my professional life and vulnerable to self-doubt in my personal relationships….My work with Cami has allowed me to…accept myself and really appreciate what I have accomplished in life.

…I feel I achieved the stated goals I set for the term of my coaching sessions. Surprisingly, the benefits of coaching did not stop there. As an adjunct to my more lucid mental state, my realm of influence expanded in my world. People sought my counsel and responded more positively to me. I found myself getting more money for my services and most amazingly, was the realization that I was attracting the experiences and resources I need in my life at any moment – a powerful attitude change.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cami McLaren as a performance coach.”

“I just finished Cami’s 10 week course for small business owners and it was fabulous—exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.

As a stay at home mother of two small boys, often times my business does not get the attention it needs in order to thrive. I started this class feeling limited and overwhelmed with the daily demands of running a business and raising a family. Cami helped me recognize the many barriers that get in the way of my success and gave me the tools to overcome them. In addition, Cami helped to show me that with proper time management and organization, it is more than possible to optimize both my time as a successful business owner and mother.

Upon completion of the final class session, I felt empowered, inspired, excited and ready to take charge of my business. One of the best things about the accountability model that Cami teaches is that it overflowed into all areas of my life—having positively influenced my business as well as my personal relationships.

If you are ready to move your business to the next level, Cami is the perfect person to assist you! Success will require an open mind, determination, discipline and courage, but like all good things in life, it is well worth the work.”

“As a family owned small business I found myself not in control of my time and needed professional help. I saw an e-mail blast from the Elk Grove Chamber and thought this is what I need. After meeting with Cami I decided to go for it. I have been to other trainings and was left with nothing more than a worksheet and nowhere to go. After going through the whole class I feel armed and ready to take our business to the next level of professionalism. I personally recommend this training and look forward to future training with Cami at McLaren Coaching. Thanks Cami; you’re the best!”

“I highly recommend McLaren Coaching. I attended a ten week course titled; Enrollment and Accountability- Tools for the Small-Business Owner to Thrive! I learned many skills necessary for operating a successful business. Communication, building business relationships, effective listening and time management to name a few. I enjoyed Cami’s enthusiasm, organization and her passion for teaching!”

"If you where looking to improve your business, look no further. Cami’s accountability and enrollment class will take you to the next level. As an employee of a small business and a student of this class, I have noticed the changes in my boss. She has been able to focus her business to become more efficient and more profitable by implementing the tools we have learned from Cami’s Class. Her renewed vigor and regenerated motivation has been an inspiration for her employees and her clients as well.

This class again not only improves your business but your view of relationships as well. I’m happily married and I didn’t think it needed any help in communication whatsoever. But Cami had some communication techniques that I could implement with clients but found it very useful with family and friends too. My wife and I tried it out and the results were amazing. I learned that I wasn’t really listening fully and I was missing a lot of the conversation. With a little work, my communication cleared up with more focus and more understanding. Talking to each other in such a manner boosted our relationships and helped us more than we thought it actually needed.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Cami’s Class. But after the first one, I knew I didn’t make a wrong choice. The class is full of energy, clarity, and motivation. When you’re around that, it’s hard not to bring that determination to work later. The ten weeks fly by and the value of the class and the information Cami brings is insurmountable. Cami is an excellent instructor. You can see that she wants to help all her students, and she wants them all to succeed. The format is well organized and the discussions are interesting and thought provoking. The only bad part of the class is when it has to end. I STRONGLY recommend Cami’s accountability and enrollment class whether you’re a business owner or an employee. Do not pass an opportunity like this up."

For further testimonials, please go to Cami’s LinkedIn page.

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