Coach-Style Leadership for Business Owners and Leaders

"Level Up With Group Coaching!"

What is group coaching?

A facilitated group process led by a skilled professional coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who choose to join in order to achieve organizational objectives or individual goals.

Who is your coach?

Cami McLaren of McLaren Coaching. Cami has been coaching professionals and groups since 2008.

Who should join?

This group is offered in-house as well as to the public.

Business owners and leaders who want to level up! Leaders who want to shift from a traditional management style to one of coach-style leading. Leaders who are serious about their businesses and getting the results they desire. Leaders who are committed to their businesses and to being a support to other leaders. Anyone who wants to be a “leader” in their organization – whether by title, or by taking ownership for the success of the business.

What are the results your business can expect?

What are the results you can expect?

Start Date:


Once a week Zoom meetings — 1 ½ hours in length; and external meetings with your accountability partner(s).
$600/month. Non-profit pricing is available as well.


"Being a manager is a complex job. The easy part is the operational skills and knowledges. The more difficult and most important part is being a true leader.

"There are so many skill-based trainings for managers available out there. We were looking for something more. We want an environment in which our managers have a healthy understanding of themselves, healthy and productive communication and relationships, and an ability to be a true coach and leader for their teams. We want to take our managers to the next level.

We were fortunate to find Cami and offer her Coach Style Leadership group coaching to our managers. This program takes time, emotional energy, and commitment. But it’s worth it. Cami, as a coach, is straight forward, holds you accountable, and helps you continue to grow and be a better leader."

"Our managers are gaining a better understanding about themselves. They are learning how to recognize, acknowledge and overcome what is limiting them. They are learning to be truly curious with others, how to really listen and to be open to other perspectives. They are sharpening their management styles, improving their communication, and becoming better leaders so that they can coach and develop more productive, healthy teams.

"As one of our managers said, the program is “valuable and should be taken by all leaders and those who inspire to become leaders”.

"I have participated in group coaching with Cami over the past year, attending three 12-week group coaching sessions. In this time and through my work with Cami, I have grown both personally and professionally. Cami has helped me to identify “my drifts”—those things that keep me from accomplishing my goals, and helped me find strategies to overcome them. Through my work with Cami, I have set and achieved several important personal and professional goals, the latter of which have significantly improved my law firm.

"Cami has a unique way of sharing information and techniques and helping one to find their own way to use them. She also has an impressive ability to notice words and behaviors, point them out in a supportive way, and get you thinking about why you said or did something. Before I went through coaching with Cami I considered by self to be a strong leader. However, through my work with Cami, I identified areas where I needed to grow to be a better and more effective leader, including working through the challenges of giving effective feedback to my colleagues. Working with Cami I was able to enhance my leadership skills, particularly by learning techniques for building trust, effectively listening, providing feedback, and interrupting my drifts. I was also able to see how these techniques relate to one another and the absence of one may impact the others. If you are willing to invest time to improve personally and/or professionally, I highly recommend coaching with Cami."

"As a non-profit leader, I struggled to find a leadership model that aligned with the values and goals of our organization. Implementing The Coach Leadership Model has allowed us to meet our mission using strategies that develop the leadership ability of all staff and has created an organizational structure that is accountable and adaptable. This was a definite strength over the past year!

"The group sessions were designed to create trust between all participants. This allowed each of us to reflect deeply on the topics and to ask for feedback and support from the group. All of us became more self-aware and learned about the power of having a committed group supporting our personal and organizational goals. Each week, I looked forward to engaging with a vibrant group of professionals that I ordinarily would not have had the opportunity to learn and grow with."

"The Coach Leadership Model and Group Coaching increased my tolerance for honest feedback and measurably improved my ability to communicate with staff, community stakeholders, and my family. Cami takes a deep dive into accountability, how we show up, and how good communication changes outcomes. This has led me to delegate more confidently and to meet deadlines with less stress."

"Over the past year, my organization has implemented a Coach Leadership Model. The biggest change I’ve noticed is how empowered the staff feel when they know what is expected and work from an agreement-based system. Our productivity has increased, we’ve implemented fresh ideas, we approach problems from a creative solutions mindset, and we have opened communication between all staff, executives, and the Board.

"As a direct result of my participation in the Level UP group, I was able to see improved communication within the team/office. My team members not only spoke up more in group meetings, but they brought ideas to me and my team that have helped us be more efficient in meetings, and stay connected even in a virtual environment. I also have more confidence in presenting a different leadership model to my organization. With the support of Cami and the coaching of the group, I was able to try out various types of leadership skills (feedback, accountability, etc.) in a safe environment and then bring it to my office."

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