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My vision is to change the landscape of coaching so that we attract a level of diversity that reflects our world. This includes socio-economic diversity. We are stronger the more that our differences are reflected in our population. Many different people from many different backgrounds need coaching. Similarly, many different people want to become coaches (or would if they knew about it!). My commitment is to reach the people who are not as well-represented in the coaching population. Many of these people are financially challenged and could not do this work without their tuition being sponsored in part.

In support of our mission, we already offer very liberal interest-free payment plans and discounts for non-profits. By growing our sponsorship fund, we can reach out even further to bring in a more under-represented population. This makes the practice of coaching more powerful and represents one of the McLaren Coaching values of inclusion.

Testimonial from a Sponsorship Recipient:
“I knew that coaching was absolutely the right path for me, consistent with my life’s purpose; but the opportunity for training came to me at a time when I was recovering financially from a family health crisis, and did not have a reliable income stream. When McLaren Coaching agreed to invest in me through sponsorship funds it helped me to invest in myself. It felt great to know that other people supported me, and it felt like the universe was supporting my decision as well. Since I started coaching, my clients report that they’ve made stronger career decisions, negotiated better jobs and higher salaries, improved the quality of their relationships as partners, parents and friends, as well as their relationships with themselves. Coaching has enhanced clients’ inspiration and expansion as artists, musicians, writers and more. Being a part in my clients’ life fulfillment gives me an extremely uplifting sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in my own life.”
Your Contribution
Your contribution is a way for you to sponsor one or more students who are invested in becoming professional coaches. You will be supporting the future of coaching!
In return, if you contribute

$100 or more, you will be featured on my website and in my newsletter.

$250 or more, the above AND I will feature your business on my IG and invite you to do an IG Live with me about you and your business (this is true for whomever contributes – coaches or non-coaches)

Your contribution is a way for you to sponsor one or more students who are invested in becoming professional coaches. You will be supporting the future of coaching!
No matter the amount, the value is creating access to this program for those who otherwise would not have it!


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Cami provides keynote presentations on various business success strategies, workshops on topics from time management to trust-building in business, as well as how to bring coaching into your organization.
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