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What is Coaching

Coaching is: partnering with people in getting what they want, by being with them in an open, inquisitive, and challenging way, so they are empowered to say, do, and be whomever they want in order to achieve the results they desire.

What is a Professional Coach?

The designation of “Professional Coach” means you have met the McLaren Coaching criteria of skills and ways of being a professional coach. Many people take coaching into different disciplines and so the designation is flexible. For example, you might be a Professional Business Coach, a Professional Health Coach, or a Professional Finance Coach.

What kind of coach training is this?

We teach results-based coaching. This means we coach to the end goal of getting what your clients really want. We coach commitment. The feedback we receive is that we are straightforward and effective in supporting people in creating tangible and specific results, whether those be business results, financial results, relationship results, health results, or anything else.

What are the skills and ways of being a professional coach?

Skillsets align with the ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Competencies and are more expansive. We teach NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques, listening skills, the skill of kind accountability and learning, and the skills of supporting and challenging people in moving forward in their lives to transform themselves and get what they most want to have.

A way of being is a presence, a place to start, how people experience you, your level of openness and accessibility, your ability to meet people where they are and stand in that place with them. This is what supports people in moving forward. This is also an important distinction in our training and will support you everywhere in your life.

Why would you want to become a professional coach?

Coaching is a rapidly growing, powerful, and empowering field. Coaching is useful anywhere you want to support others in making change and moving forward. Our coaches have used their training to:

The FOUR A’s™

All coaching is about self-awareness. Ours is also focused on taking action, making and keeping agreements and accountability for results. This combines to create insightful, bold, effective forward movement for our clients.

Results of Coach Training

You will be certified as a Professional Coach by McLaren Coaching.


“Cami leads Transformative Coaching Essentials (TCE) so that every participant can achieve the outcomes relevant to them. She teaches essential coaching skills that can be used in a coaching business, leadership roles, and/or any professional setting. I really appreciated the structure Cami provided so that I could learn and apply skills immediately – even after the very first class. Then, she teaches skills to expand that structure so that I could try out different ways of being with clients. By the time I graduated, I felt competent to launch my own coaching business, and I had Cami and an entire coaching community to reach out to support me as that business grew (and continues to grow). Cami takes a stand for every person in the training. Because of what I learned from Cami and through TCE, I can take bold stands for myself and my clients. ”
“This training has helped me so much to grow my skills as a leader – learning to be more curious with people and less of a problem solver so that they can create their own solutions has created a lovely dynamic with the management teams that I am privileged to work with in San Joaquin County. I can only imagine that this will be even more useful as I work to open a third new program with yet another new management team here in Sacramento County over the next three months. This has been a harried and sometimes scary year for me with taking on this new role at work and the coach training, but as I look back over the year I am so grateful that I had that conversation in 2018 that led to my being able to participate in your course this year. It’s been a whirl, but oh what a bright and lovely whirl, as I look back over the last nine months. Thank you!”

“The skills I’ve learned as a coach not only benefit my ability to advance my business, it also enhances the treatment I offer my clients tremendously. As a therapist, I experience far greater ease obtaining clients, challenging their commitment to treatment and assisting them in achieving their therapeutic goals. Most of my clients have consistently achieved their therapeutic goals. While these are their results, I realize my ability to guide their process plays a large role.

For me, no doubt the greatest benefit of becoming a coach is learning to transform through Mastery over my own life. No matter how wonderful life may be, there is always additional growth opportunities. I’ve been known to say, your work will be limited at the highest level of your own transformation. As a therapist, I am about assisting clients to transform their lives. So why wouldn’t I continue to transform myself through self-mastery? I view transformative coaching training as essential for all therapists.”

“I decided to take McLaren Coaching’s coach training (Transformative Coaching Essentials) because I wanted to make a difference in the world by learning how to facilitate people transforming their lives – at any age. In the process, I transformed my own life. And discovered my destiny to BE a Dynamic Aging Coach.”
“I feel so lucky to be a part of this program, of this group, of this community of like-minded people. I realize how much each person has brought to my life. I realize how connected I feel despite our challenges of being together physically. I realize how much fun it has been and continues to be. But the real eye opener? I realized how expertly this program has been designed. I realized how brilliantly we are all put together and the opportunities we are given, consistently, to build this network of support. And the value adds? I recently did the math on how much value we get just from the one on one coaching we receive. Then I added the value of the coaching we receive from the staff coaches. Then I added the value of whatever money we are receiving as coaches for our intern clients. Mind blown. Put in that framework, we are getting a very powerful bang for every buck spent on this training.”
“As the owner of my own law firm, I decided to take the McLaren Coaching, Transformative Coaching Essentials coach training program, in order to add a new component to my practice, where I could help clients resolve disputes without having to litigate. I have learned a lot about how people think, behave, and react and that has supported this part of my business. This has also helped me connect with clients, referral partners and my employees. I have used the coaching tools of enrollment, accountability and communication to increase my business revenue, grow my practice, and change the way I relate to employees and clients. This program is a creative, innovative and fun way to learn these skills. I would recommend this program for business owners who are looking to grow or connect more and in a different way with employees and clients; also to managers who are looking to be more effective with their staff.”
“I was at a little group that meets regularly to share resources and a person asked me what I do (I attend this group as both an LEP and a coach). Since our conversation was centering around parent support I asked if I could give a demonstration. One member gave me a small issue with their child. We were supposed to do 10 minutes and I assigned a time keeper. Everybody was so into it that even the time keeper didn’t notice and I did 20 mins. Shortly after that I had a client and the organization has asked me to do a series of talks this fall.

I am so thankful of all the times you had us coach in front of each other so that the idea of coaching in front of a crowd (or at least one observer) became second nature. Nothing demonstrates coaching like coaching. At the end of it, I was reminded of just how amazing your coaching program is. Thank you so much!”
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