Trust-Building Behavior #6 – Deliver Results

Trust-Building Behavior #6 – Deliver Results One of the most valuable things my first coach and mentor taught me is that in assessing where we are, we must look honestly at our results.  We have a tendency to focus on everything but our results.  We look at what we meant to do (called by some […]

Trust-Building Behavior #5 — Show Loyalty

Trust-Building Behavior #5 — Show Loyalty In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen Covey says, “talk about others as if they were present.”  What this means is “focus on the positive rather than the negative–and if you do talk about those weaknesses, you do it in such a responsible and constructive way that […]

Trust-Building Behavior #4 — Right Wrongs

Trust-Building Behavior #4 – Right Wrongs It is easy to ignore and avoid acknowledging when we make mistakes or break agreements.   This is particularly true if no one knows what we have done.  And also particularly true if we have made a mistake and are (1) embarrassed; (2) afraid the people involved will be mad; […]

Trust-Building Behavior #3 – Create Transparency

The Third Trust-Building Behavior  — Create Transparency The third trust-building behavior is “create transparency.”  Being transparent is being open and honest about our motives and decisions.  Do not try to hide your reasons for taking any particular action.  Operate from the premise that what you see is what you get. When I consider this behavior, […]

Trust-Building Behavior #2 – Demonstrate Respect

The Second Trust-Building Behavior  – Demonstrate Respect The second trust-building behavior is “demonstrate respect.”  How does demonstrating respect build trust?  This is a good place to stop and consider your definition of trust.  Trust is one of the pillars of relationship — with anyone — with clients, co-workers, spouses, bosses, children and self.  If it […]

Trust-Building Behavior #1 – Talk Straight

The First Trust-Building Behavior  – Talk Straight! In this series of articles I will discuss behaviors that build or break trust, adapted from Stephen Covey’s, The Speed of Trust.  If you want more education on the issue of trust, I highly recommend this book.  If you want an in-depth, interactive learning experience on trust and […]

Building Trust

As we are looking at the 3 legs of the relationship stool, let’s begin with trust.  Here are 13 behaviors that will build trust, with some ideas how to use them.  What do you think?  Questions?  Where do you see that you do this in your life and where do you not consider these behaviors?  […]

Working on “Relationships”

Why Work on “Relationships”? We are always in relationship with someone, whether it is our co-workers, bosses, children, or neighbors. Most everything we do and have is based in some way on a relationship — even if that is the relationship we have with ourselves.  “Relationships” are not just with “significant others.”  They are with […]