Rainmaking Tips – Tip #3

Create Clear Goals If you are not a business owner or an attorney, fear not.  The process I set forth below applies to any goal you may be working on. “Rainmaking” is a broad term, covering many activities that might lead to a particular result. But the result of “rainmaking” is not stated. It varies […]

Rainmaking Tips – Tip #2

  Treat Your Resources Well Last week’s blog considered where your business comes from. One likely source is from other people – and this is typically from other professionals who know, like and trust you, or from other clients who have found value firsthand in your services. Either way, show your appreciation. Many professionals believe […]

Rainmaking Tips – Tip #1

This will begin a series of tips on what I am going to call “rainmaking.”  If you are an attorney, you will know this term.  It references the rain dances Native American Indians did to encourage rain to fall from the sky.  Modern “rainmaking” is sometimes seen as a similarly ethereal and hopeful process – one […]