Formula for Success, Part IV – Get Accountability Partners

To review, the Formula for Success has 5 steps.

1.  Clearly state your goal.

2.  Have an end date for your goal.

3.  Get accountability partners.

4.  Take action daily.

5.  On the projected date of completion, close down.


This blast is part IV of a seven-part series describing the Formula for Success.  We have already talked about the need to state a clear goal in writing and to specify  “by when” you will have achieved your goal.  Now you need to tell people!

Step Three:  Get accountability partners.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” –Oprah Winfrey

It is very valuable to have other people who are on your side.  Often we think we need to do everything ourselves.  But the best way to succeed is to be resourceful; i.e., to see and use your resources.  One of the greatest resources we have is other people.  So develop your team.  Find people who are willing to

  • Hold you accountable
  • Cheer you on, talk to you when you’re down, help you remember your goal
  • Give you advice and coaching

    Even if you are only reporting in to them regarding your progress, this can help you to consistently do what you say you will.  People behave very differently when they know they have to tell someone whether they kept their promises than if they make their promises only to themselves.  This is largely why businesspeople find coaching so valuable.  Most people don’t like to come to a call with their coach and say “I didn’t do that.”  So tell people what you are doing and set dates to check in with them and have them ask you, “Did you do what you said you would?”

    It is even better if you can find a person or persons who will tell you when they see you drifting, who will call you on your excuses and stories, and who will consistently challenge you and hold you accountable to help you see what is working and not working. This will help you make change and keep going!  In addition to accountability partners, surround yourself with people who support you in your goals.  Tell them what you are up to and talk about it a lot.  Ask for what you need.

    Surround yourself with like-minded people who are motivated and committed.  Do not hang out with naysayers.  If possible, connect with a group of attorneys who are doing what you are doing.  Or connect with a mentor who has been practicing solo for awhile.  You may be surprised how much people are willing to –and even want to — help you.

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