Certified Performance Coach

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How do we Choose?

Quick quiz:  What is coaching?  Okay; too broad?  Try this question: what is the purpose of coaching?  The purpose of coaching is to bring awareness to the choices you make and the choices you  have in order to get what you want in your business and your life.  When you hire a performance coach it will be with a goal – more income, better communication, a bigger client base, life balance.  Whatever that goal is, your coach will help you figure out how to get there.  And the way she will do that is through questions and exercises designed to expand your awareness of your own behaviors, actions, thoughts and beliefs.  Once you become aware of what you are doing that is not working to move you toward your goals, you can then make different choices, develop new behaviors and habits and learn how to move more easily and purposefully toward your goals.

The visual I like for this model of coaching is the iceberg.