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[Notice: If you are an attorney and you live in Sacramento, be sure to scroll to the bottom and learn about my new attorney coaching group, starting late September.]

Last weekend, I attended a training to hone up on my group coaching skills. Though I have been leading successful groups for several years now, I love to be with other people who want to learn this skill set and to discover new ways for me to be most effective with people. I had a lot of fun and met some awesome people. I learned some things. Overall a great experience.

So groups are on my mind today. Particularly those groups that we call “teams.” What is a team? In the dictionary I found two non-animal definitions: “1. a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team. 2. a number of persons associated in some joint action.”

Under definition number 2, a team could exist at work or at home. Any group with a common goal might be considered a team. This includes the family unit.  Indeed, a team might consist of only two people.

I coach a lot of teams and what I have learned is that most teams are not intentional and this makes them less effective. What do I mean “intentional?” Intentional means having a plan/objective/goal that you are all committed to; having ground rules (expectations) and a common purpose. The most important part of a team’s intentionality is that everyone knows and buys into what them team is committed to.

More than “how” to reach its goals, the most important thing is that the team come together on the purpose (why are we together); vision (what is our ultimate goal); and milestones (where do we what to get and by when). When these elements are crystal clear, the “how” will flow easily. The best intention will appear as an articulated written plan that all members have bought into and that all members can recite like the back of their hands.

Most individuals (even business owners) do not write down their purpose and/or their goals. So it is not surprising that teams suffer the same failing. It is difficult to be intentional when your purpose and goals exist only in your head. It is even harder for teams because so many heads are involved and as such, many assumptions are made that we are all on the same page.

So whether you are starting a team or you are on an existing team, let your next meeting be about articulating a purpose (why), a vision (what) and milestones (by when). This may take more than one meeting, but you will be amazed at how it unifies your team.


And speaking of powerful intentional teams:

In late September, McLaren Coaching will add another attorney coaching group. Attorney coaching groups are designed to support attorneys in achieving specific goals. Groups consist of members with similar goals, practices and/or circumstances. Our newest group will consist of newer attorneys, either in firms or on their own.

Part of the group will be coaching and part will be teaching tools such as:

• Time management
• Communication skills
• Goal-setting and attainment

Group members gain lasting skills and insights to running their practices while maintaining balance.  Most groups last long after the coaching ends and most attorneys find this ongoing support to be invaluable.

While cost of individual coaching is typically $700/month, cost for group coaching is only $250/month.

Email cami@mclarencoaching if you are interested. There are only a couple spots left!

“McLaren Coaching has made a huge, positive impact on my professional and personal life. Cami McLaren, both individually and along with the women in my coaching group, assisted me in making significant changes in my professional life, including a material change in my practice, while working to attain balance with my personal life – all of which were for the better. Cami has the ability to coach without judgment. Instead, she allows you to find the answers you need in your own way and time, with a little nudging as needed. Even after 30 years as an attorney, I’ve know there is always more I can learn. Everyone can absolutely benefit from Cami’s coaching. It is the best gift you can give yourself!” –Ilene Block, Shareholder, Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann & Girard (

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