An Intention or a Wish? (Intention, #5)

Jennifer’s blog post illustrates the premise that if you are bold enough to set an intention, you will have to truly commit to it.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you “set an intention” and you do not commit to it through action, it is not really an intention.  It is not enough to say, “I’ve decided to lose weight” or “I want to make more money this year.”  State it as an intention and then follow through with action.action


“So the dictionary defines intention as, ‘the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose.’ But since I’ve embraced the power of intention through personal/professional coaching, intention for me requires action along with purpose. Through coaching, I have found intention to mean more than just a strong plan. Although, the power of just having a plan (for your next hour, that day, the week, or month) is also amazing. Setting an intention creates a framework where I take steps toward my outcome. It can be as simple as setting a reminder on my phone to remind me to get up and walk for 2 minutes or drink 8 ounces of water. In the past, I might have set about my day with the intention to say focused, or be healthy, or drink more water. Now I know that until I take committed steps toward that intention it is really just a wish. Once I take committed action toward my intention then it is truly my intent and there is no doubt in my mind I will achieve it. Whether my intention is to land a new client and I begin just by setting aside time to figure out what steps I will take to do that – or my intention is to eat healthy and I begin just by taking the first step of calendaring for myself time to meal plan or go to the grocery store. When I really set my intention on an outcome, then the very next thing I do will be to take some action step toward achieving the intention. Each step leads to the next step and poof – like magic I have what I intended. It sounds silly, or lofty, but it is quite simply true.”starting line

Jennifer Duggan
Duggan Law Corporation

The dictionary defines intention as a plan.  A plan without action is worth very little.  A plan can be a trap for some people because when you make a plan, you can deceive yourself into thinking you have actually done something.  A plan is a little like getting ready, or as I have sometimes heard it said, “getting ready to get ready.”  So go ahead make the plan, but as Jennifer says the very next thing you do must be action.  Show yourself you mean it.  And not just any action – committed action.  Put your butt on the line.  That will support your intention.  It is quite simply, true.


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Cami McLaren

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