Big Things (What I Learned)

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On January 14, we launched our fourth cohort of Transformative Coaching Essentials! ( We spent all of 2022 finding the people who would become tomorrow’s coaches. Change agents. Champions. Leaders. Facilitators. We said we would have a full training. It was a big project. It was a scary project. We have a full training!! Here […]

New Years’ Resolutions. Now What!?

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Every year, we do this cool thing. We start over. Many of my clients are very aware of this natural break that gets created at the end of the calendar year. And what a lovely opportunity it is! So in December, coaches like me are on social media setting out their ideas on how to […]

There is no Such Thing as Failure

There are a few “presuppositions” I learned when I was trained as a coach 10 years ago. A presupposition, in this context is a premise, a place to come from that supports what coaching is all about – change and growth. Recently I have been thinking about this one: There is no Failure. There is […]

Breathe and Stay

(Yet another blog about spin class and life.) Coaching is coaching. Business coaches are modeled on sports coaches and there is a reason for that. I get much of my inspiration from sports coaches because their goal is the same as my goal. A good coach in either field will: 1. Listen for what you […]

What is the Game You Are Playing?

To become credentialed as a coach, I went through a fairly intensive program with a great trainer and company, Source Point Training Co. About half way through the program, my mentor/trainer, Barbara Fagan, said to us “It’s time to evaluate your participation.”  There was no grading in this program and no discernable measurements being used […]

What Are You Meant to Do?

I am taking a break from all the brilliant blog posts from my clients, family, and friends.   I recently found a quote in the book The Art of Possibility, Zander, and I wanted to share it with you. This is in the chapter on “Leading from Passion.” It is about how to connect to passion. […]

What it Means to be a Visionary

Who would you call a “visionary?”  Who stands out in your mind?  For me, it’s people like Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King.  People who took the long view and could see the future and who were so clear on their vision that it gave them the passion and commitment to take bold action in […]

How to REALLY Get What You Say You Want

Goal vs. Commitment I was working with a client the other day on the promises she had made herself for the week.  One promise was to make 10 sales calls to potential customers.  When I asked if she had done it, she was pretty excited.  She said, “I made 8!” I said, “That’s great.  You […]

The Meaning of Commitment

What is “Commitment”? The way I was trained as a coach, the concept of “relationship” is described as having 3 basic pillars.  Our relationships are only as strong as each of these pillars.  When I use “relationship” in this context, I mean any interaction with any other person.  It might be a spouse or a […]

Trust-Building Behavior #12 – Keep Commitments

Trust-Building Behavior #12 — Keep Commitments             There is nothing that builds trust like delivering results.  In its simplest fashion, what this behavior refers to is keeping promises.  At the end of the day, people trust you more based on your action than on your words.  There are many quotes and sayings that speak to […]