How We Change

I just stepped off an international flight. It was long. All told, two planes – 17 hours beginning to end. And, it was so enjoyable. There was a time not long ago that I distinctly did not like flying. I had a friend who spoke all over the country and he said to me once, […]

The Courage to Change

This post is in honor of my clients, past, present and future. So that you know I know how tough it can be to be striving toward your deepest desires. So that you know how honored I am to be a part of that. ____________ I am reading the book, Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown. […]

Empowering Yourself to Make Sustainable Change

Empowering Yourself to Create Sustainable Change On Tuesday I spoke to a group of Sacramento small business owners and entrepreneurs on the topic of accountability. When I advertised this event, I chose not to use the word “accountability.” Why not? you may wonder. As a coach, this word is one I use regularly. And when […]

Taking a Stand to Create Change

Taking a Stand             What does it take to create change?  It requires, for one thing, a high level of commitment.  We may start out with great energy, enthusiasm and excitement and say that we are definitely committed.  We will take action and start down the road to what we say we want.  But then […]

Trust-Building Behavior #7 – Get Better

Trust-Building Behavior #7 – Get Better Why it Builds Trust “Get better” means to constantly improve; to always be in a state of learning and openness to new ideas.  Why does this build trust?  When people experience you as always reaching for what is next and always searching for answers and new ways of doing […]