Is the Manager the Problem?

I read an interesting conversation this morning. These indicators of a poor manager are also indicators of any staff member who needs coaching, training etc. And if the company gets rid of this “bad” manager, how do we know the company won’t hire and support another of the same kind of manager? I believe […]

The Manager as Coach – a New Paradigm

Reflections on Management and Coaching Coaching for a manager is enlightening and extremely productive. Whether you have received an education in management or just learned through trial and error, taking the next step in your career is completely achievable through coaching. Since managing people is not “black and white,” coaching will help you find the […]

What it Means to be a Visionary

Who would you call a “visionary?”  Who stands out in your mind?  For me, it’s people like Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King.  People who took the long view and could see the future and who were so clear on their vision that it gave them the passion and commitment to take bold action in […]

The Easiest Way to Find the Solution to Any Problem

Often attorneys and managers have similar characteristics.  For one thing both groups, which overlap to a great extent in law firms, tend to spend a lot of time figuring things out on their own.  I am not sure why this is.  I think both groups, believing they have been hired for their talent, fear that […]