Creating A Feedback-Positive Environment

Creating Feedback-Positive Environment

Aspects of Feedback There are two distinct aspects when we talk about feedback: giving/offering and requesting/receiving. In our coach training program (, we separate offering and requesting feedback into different training days so the distinction is very clear. It seems that for most people, both are fairly uncomfortable. In the world at large (or at […]

The Sound of Your Voice

Boy yelling into microphone using his voice

Hup, Hup I was in spin class with Dakota. Such an inspiring human. She says so many things to us that I want to write down. I took note of this one though. She told a story about talking to two different riders one day. In our class, one thing the community does is this […]

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror held in hand - Feedback

Mirror, Mirror Once I was sitting in a meeting with a lawyer. When I looked at him, I realized he had spilled coffee on his shirt. No one said anything. I wonder if he saw it in the mirror later. I wonder how he felt when he realized no one had told him. Feedback Feedback: […]