The Art of the Promise

In my coaching practice, one of the most frequent things I hear is “I didn’t do that thing I said I would do.” I hear this in response to my inquiries about action steps my clients have promised, and in stories about situations at work. If you were to keep a log of every promise […]

What Successful People Do

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do. Today I am going to share with you an important quality that successful people have in common. If you do not have the success you want, this will be invaluable in moving you that direction.  It’s not always an easy quality, but it is imperative. […]

What do I do When They Don’t Keep Their Agreements?

I posted a blog a couple days ago on making clear agreements.  I laid out the following 3 elements for an agreement: 1.  When we are in a meeting with several people (or even 2), ask specifically “who will do this?” and wait for a response.  If no response, then state clearly, “No one has […]

3 Steps for Making Clear Agreements

Making and Keeping Agreements How do we move forward in business?  There are so many elements, but one indispensable element of forward-movement is making and keeping agreements.  If you think about it, the only reason we ever make agreements is to move forward: “I will get it to you by Friday.” “I will be at […]

Trust-Building Behavior #6 – Deliver Results

Trust-Building Behavior #6 – Deliver Results One of the most valuable things my first coach and mentor taught me is that in assessing where we are, we must look honestly at our results.  We have a tendency to focus on everything but our results.  We look at what we meant to do (called by some […]