Keeping Agreements – What Best to do When you Don’t

We have covered a number of points in this blog series. We have noted the importance of keeping agreements; that the more you keep them, the more you will stand out to other people and the more you will get what you want. We have noted the importance for trust-building to recognize when you have […]

Keeping Agreements With Yourself

In this blog post I want to make a distinction about agreements. Often when I talk about making and keeping agreements, most people assume I am talking about agreements with other people. And I am. But there is another category of agreement that is equally powerful to look at and that is the agreements that […]

What Happens When You Keep Your Agreements?

What is going to change when you start keeping your agreements on a regular basis? We have been talking over the last couple months about making and keeping agreements.  If you have not seen all the posts, here is the first one: You can scroll through to see all the posts in this series. […]

On Making and Keeping Promises

Quotes That Make the Point In the midst of our blog series on making and keeping promises, here are historical quotes that speak to our point: “Those that are most slow in making a promise are the most faithful in the performance of it.” ~Jean Jacques Rousseau “The best way to keep one’s word is […]

Step 2 – How to Keep Your Agreements

This may seem a odd “how to” blog, but many people do not keep agreements. In step 1, we invited you to become aware of what you are saying and doing that may be construed as an agreement. In a prior blog, we talked about the prices you pay for breaking your agreements – mostly […]

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Agreements

“All broken relationships can be traced back to broken agreements.”  — Stephen Covey As a coach, I once had the opportunity to attend a training that was put on by a school. It was a special type of school. It was a school of last resort – a school where parents who were afraid that […]

Keeping Agreements – Step 1 – Have you Made an Agreement?

Step one to keeping agreements is knowing when you are making them. What is an agreement? This is an odd topic for some people. I believe the question to be one of trust and communication. In other words, if the other person thinks you have made an agreement with them and you break it, your […]

Keeping Agreements: See Yourself Differently

The purpose of this blog is to give you a foundational step before I go into the HOWs of making and keeping agreements. This foundational step suggests that, as a preliminary matter, you change how you are seeing yourself. One of the best ways to do this is, listen to how you talk about yourself. […]

Keeping Agreements – Why Should You?

On October 24, I wrote my first blog post on keeping agreements. ( I promised you a series. It may be implied that I promised to start writing that series right away and I did not. The homework was, “…find out where you are. Try this. From now until our blog next week, keep track […]

Set Yourself Apart

I am a firm believer that there is one thing you can do in your business (and your personal life) which will set you apart from the vast majority of people. And that is — keep your agreements. When I say this, I usually get one of two basic reactions: 1. “I always keep my agreements”; or […]