Game Changer Training: Getting What You Say You Want


In this Game Changer, not only will you learn what it means to be a coach, you will also learn a specific skill that coaches use: Purpose and Outcome.



This is a simple tool that is profoundly powerful in:

  • how you organize your day to get results
  • how you manage meetings for clarity and brevity
  • how you get what you want
  • how you become and stay motivated in your pursuits

Other Outcomes:

  • Real and practical coaching tools for your business and other areas of your life
  • An experience of coaching and its value
  • An understanding of “what is coaching?”
  • Possibilities for using coaching or coach-style leadership in your future
  • The opportunity for a complimentary individual coaching session for first-hand experience with the power of coaching

Your Trainer:

Cami McLaren the founder and owner McLaren Coaching and has been coaching professionals to their next level since 2008 and training coaches since 2019. Click to learn more about Cami.


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