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Styles of Communication as Seen by Dilbert

I teach a class on Styles of Communication. I will write more on this in the next several blogs. Here though, is something to get you started:

Dilbert SOC

The styles I teach have four different communication types.  Here are two, clearly demonstrated.  They are opposite styles.  What can you see about each one?  And, though comical, it is important to really think about how this attitude affects our communication, both at work and elsewhere.  What is beneath this funny representation of two different ways of communicating is the idea that my way of communicating is the only way.  The number one thing that gets most in the way of clear communication and understanding is the failure to appreciate that our “world view” is not the world view of all other people.  The way to begin to have good communication is to begin to become curious about other people and how they see the world – what motivates them, and why they communicate the way they do.  If you can start with curiosity about other people, you will learn their motivations and their language and that will take you a long way toward communicating well with them.

And if you are in Sacramento on November 4, 2015, you can attend my 1/2 day training on “nuts and bolts of communication.”  Click the link for more information:  http://www.mclarencoaching.com/coaching-for-businesses-and-corporations/workshops-and-trainings/

You will learn how to determine another’s world view, and how to change the way you communicate to be more clear, among other things.

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