Surprise Yourself!

I came across this video because I was impressed with Meghan Trainor’s song about body image and types in girls and women (All About That Bass) and wanted to learn more about her.

This video is impactful for me for a couple of reasons.

The first thing I saw was that she, like all of us, doubted her ability to do what she most wanted to do. It has been my experience as a coach for many years, that most people have something they want, and that most people stop themselves from having it by listening to that internal voice of doubt. Even if you have the career you want, there are probably still areas where you stop yourself because you have some kind of doubt about yourself and your abilities.

Meghan stopped herself by saying, “I know I am good at this songwriting thing. I really want to be a performer, but I do not look like what the famous female performers look like so I would not make it in this industry.” Then she met L.A. Reid who reframed the whole thing for her and said, “Actually, you have a style all your own and you could make it – precisely because you ARE different.” What luck that she

• Crossed paths with this man
• Listened to this man
• Took action in the face of her doubt

Most of us never have anyone who comes along and says, “you can do this.” And if we do, most of us don’t listen, so strong is our doubt. The first lesson from this video is to me, LISTEN. And if no one comes along to say, “you can do this,” say it to yourself. And then believe it. And even if you don’t believe it, do it anyway.

The second and perhaps more powerful message to me was when she said, “I still doubt my abilities. But I look at what I have done and I believe that.” Specifically, I am “drilling the lyrics in my head” and “performing these words” and so starting to believe them. This to me is so powerful. Step one, step out of what you have made up in your head is and is not possible. Surprise yourself. And after you surprise yourself, there will be evidence that you can do it. So that later when you doubt yourself you can look back and say, “Oh yeah; I did that. I can do this too.” In fact I imagine that right now there are things in your past that you did – scary things that were outside the bounds of your comfort zone – that you could look back to and say, “Oh; I am brave. I can do this.” Look and see.

Either way, do something today to surprise yourself. And then tomorrow, do it Surpriseagain.

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