Time Management Tip #5 – Plan Your Day

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Time Management Tip #5 – Plan Your Day

Often we approach our days without a clear intention for what we will accomplish. If this is how you do things, then chances of your being pulled this way and that by distractions and other people’s urgencies is much greater. Having no distinct intention for your day can also result in reaching the end of your day and wondering what you have accomplished.

Planning your day can help you accomplish more and feel more in control of your life. Don’t plan every minute, but do set your intention for what you will accomplish. Planning your day is a more purposeful way to approach it.

There are several different ways to plan your day.


1. You might just set a couple intentions. For example, “I will connect with Bob today and convey to him the importance of this project so that we develop a timeline for the project that we both will stick to. And, I will get the Smith proposal off my desk.”

2. Another way would be to plan more of your day via calendar. This might mean scheduling specific segments of the day in your calendar to “work on the Smith proposal” or “meet with Bob.”

3. Or you might put these items on a To Do list for the day. Be sure to distinguish this from a To Do list with an unspecified timeframe. Right now we are suggesting how to plan each day.

You may want to experiment with each of these three methods. See which works best for you. Or come up with another way to plan your day.

In the evenings, compare your outcomes with your morning intention. See how you do, what works best and what you need to change for the following day.


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So many busy professionals get to the end of their workday and ask themselves “What did I accomplish today?” They know that they’ve been running, but they don’t feel they have achieved anything. Do you ever have this experience?

Often we feel ineffective and out of balance. This workshop will teach you ways to be intentional in managing your time, your tasks and your energy – in a way that feels better and produces the results you say you want.

We will introduce you to a “paradigm shift” – a different and more effective way of viewing time and time management — and offer you specific changes that can be implemented right away to improve the way you use your time, ease stress and increase productivity.

Join us and learn:
• Prioritization
• Urgent vs. Non-Urgent Tasks
• Tools to Use for immediate changes


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I attended the workshop on time management and it changed the way that I work. I learned to block my time, schedule time to read emails, and I now have more time to get my work done (or at least it feels like I have more time). I also sent my assistant to the same workshop. When she returned from the workshop, she said “we need to change things around here so that you and I can be more productive.” Now, our office has now instituted a designated time for questions so that they don’t interrupt our work time, we are purposeful about when we schedule certain meetings, and set aside time to get work done.

Alexandria Goff, The Law Office of Alexandria Goff

McLaren Coaching’s Time Management class is the first of several trainings and other coaching I have done with Cami McLaren. The time management was exactly what I needed at that moment to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively. Cami offered specific strategies (big rocks, eating frogs) to implement. I no longer play the email lotto and approach managing my email in a specific and organized way. I have trained clients and friends not to expect a response to text messages during work hours. I am now sending 3 of my staff to the next Time Management training so we can all utilize the same approach.

Jennifer Duggan, Duggan Law Corp.

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