Tips for These Times – TV and Social Media

“You become what you think about most of the time”
― Brian Tracy

I have been so inspired recently by the people reaching out to offer empowering resources and thoughts during these interesting times. I want to do my part and support positivity and abundance. When things change, we have so much opportunity to change also. Here is what I have noticed: all the people are walking in all the neighborhoods. I have clients in California, Atlanta, GA, and Canada, and they all say the same thing. Everybody is walking in my neighborhood. You know what else I noticed – at the very beginning of this quarantine? The people walking or watering their lawns are making a point of talking to me. That was not the case before. They were kind and they smiled, but now they are actually starting conversations with me. People I don’t know. Last Friday night, I looked out my window and I saw my neighbors in a circle, all 6 feet away from each other, having a drink and conversation. You know what else I noticed? The air is clean. The water is clearing up. The dolphins are coming back.

Now, I am not so Pollyanna that I have not noticed the rest of it. There seems to be no toilet paper when I go to the store. And the News is very scary. Every day. All day. And also on Social Media, there is some real fear and negativity.

But…I turned off my TV. I’m not on Social Media. I read the paper once a day for maybe 15 minutes so that I am informed and staying safe and doing my part to keep everyone else safe. There is nothing I can do about the rest of it. I listen to my clients – what they think and learn. Last week the vast majority said, “this watching the news thing is ruining my outlook on life.” It’s one thing to be inside. It’s another thing entirely to constantly watch the opinions of others on how bad it is and how bad it is going to be. Many people are struggling with motivation and when we look closer, turns out that has a lot to do with mindset which has a lot to do with, yep, the vast amount of negative information being allowed in.

You get to choose. For me, I’m gonna wash my hands, walk my dog, read about good things happening, stay 6 feet away and talk to and smile at everyone I see.
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Cami McLaren

Cami McLaren

is the owner of McLaren Coaching. She has been coaching attorneys and management since early 2008. She wrote a book, published by the American Bar Association, "Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance." She coaches attorneys and managers one-on-one, and provides in-house training designed to improve productivity and bring accountability to the organization.

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