Why Should Lawyers Hire Coaches?

Why and When Should a Lawyer Hire a Coach? Today, instead of writing my own blog, I am giving you excerpts from an ABA article in GPSolo, the magazine for sole practitioners. If you have ever wondered what the benefit of professional coaching is for lawyers, this is an excellent article on that topic. The […]

Coaching to Develop Rainmakers

In December 2013, a two-year study was concluded on what traits and characteristics make a good rainmaker. The study was conducted by Lawyer Metrics. (www.LawyerMetrics.com.) Several legal publications have written articles on the results. Most interesting to me is the article by Law360.com. In it, a special consultant on the study, Patricia Gillette, an Orrick […]

So you want to Write a Book?

I wrote the following article for Source Point Training Company’s (SPT) weekly newsletter.  SPT is the company that provided me with my coach training.  (www.sourcepointtraining.com): I am a performance coach, working with lawyers and other professionals to attain higher levels of productivity while maintaining overall balance. Early in my coaching career, I realized I could […]

Law Firms Thrive With Coaches to Support Them

I recently read an article in The Recorder on the rise of coaching in law firms. The article noted that a growing number of firms are hiring coaches in-house. “Whether career or leadership related, coaching brings opportunity for expanding capacity, skill and self-awareness. In talking with many of these law firm coaches, we find that […]

Coaching for Attorneys – Accountability is Key

Here is an excerpt from my new book, Coaching for Attorneys:  Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance: Conscious choice is the key to empowerment.  We are always choosing.  The question is whether we are choosing consciously or unconsciously.  The more conscious you are in your choice-making, the more likely you are to get what you want. […]

Going Solo as an Attorney

  Going Solo   Note:  The following are some pros and cons of having your own solo practice, mixed in with some tips from the experiences of several attorneys polled (from McGeorge graduates, attorneys on LinkedIn, and my current and former clients).  That means these may not be my own opinions, but are the opinions […]

If You Could Go Back and Start Your Business Again

In January, I will have the opportunity to speak to new alumni from McGeorge School of Law.  The question?  How to best start out as a solo practitioner in the practice of law? I am excited to do this.  I have coached so many attorneys who are also small business owners.  I have coached so […]