Excuses, Excuses – Learning About Accountability

As a coach working with businesspeople to make changes, grow, balance their lives and achieve goals, my foundational principle is accountability. I teach class series’; I coach one-on-one and in groups; and you can ask any of the people I work with about what is indispensable to reaching one’s goals and they will tell you […]

Coaching for Attorneys – Accountability is Key

Here is an excerpt from my new book, Coaching for Attorneys:  Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance: Conscious choice is the key to empowerment.  We are always choosing.  The question is whether we are choosing consciously or unconsciously.  The more conscious you are in your choice-making, the more likely you are to get what you want. […]

How do we Choose?

Quick quiz:  What is coaching?  Okay; too broad?  Try this question: what is the purpose of coaching?  The purpose of coaching is to bring awareness to the choices you make and the choices you  have in order to get what you want in your business and your life.  When you hire a performance coach it […]

The Window and The Mirror

All the classes I teach have an element of accountability training in them.  In my view, accountability is about taking ownership for your actions and your results.  If you want to learn (a lot) more about accountability, look on the right side of the blog posts on my blog page and click on “accountability.” The […]

Saying “Yes” = Saying “No”

Consider this:  Every time you say “yes” to something, you are saying “no,” to something else. For example: “Yes; I will finish the project today” = “No; I won’t be home on time for dinner.” “Yes, let’s buy that house” = “No; we won’t be going to Hawaii this year.” Some of the yes/no relationships […]

The Deeper Level of Accountability

Accountability, Part V, Deeper Learning If you have been following my blogs and articles over the last several months, you have learned quite a bit about the process of accountability.  I have presented this concept as a way to take ownership in your life.  “Take ownership” means to accept your responsibility for generating the results […]

Accountability Payoffs (and Prices)

Accountability, Part IV This is the fourth in a series of blogs on the concept of accountability – the ability to account for one’s actions and results.  I spend a lot of time on accountability because it is such an empowering concept and when taken to heart and truly internalized it allows you to begin […]

Accountability, Part III, The Power of Language

Accountability, Part III The Power of Language Accountability is:  the ability to account for my choices and my results.  The value of holding yourself accountable at all times is that it provides true ability to make change and get what you want.  True power.  For thorough discussion, please go to the two prior months’ blogs.  […]

Empowerment Through Accountability, Part II

Empowerment Through Accountability, Part II Last month, my blog introduced the concept of accountability.  We discussed that accountability is the opposite of victimhood.  When you are accountable, you take ownership for your results; when you are in a state of victimhood, you blames things outside yourself for your results.  As such, accountability is the key […]

Empowering Yourself to Make Sustainable Change

Empowering Yourself to Create Sustainable Change On Tuesday I spoke to a group of Sacramento small business owners and entrepreneurs on the topic of accountability. When I advertised this event, I chose not to use the word “accountability.” Why not? you may wonder. As a coach, this word is one I use regularly. And when […]