Start Where You Are

Endings and Beginnings I woke up on Monday, January 3, ready to go – the beginning of a New Year! We get very excited about the end of one year and the beginning of another; don’t we?!? Even though I personally do not believe this is the only time in our lives we can consciously […]

The Power of Your Beliefs

There is a wonderful book I read by a doctor named Bruce Lipton. We read it in our coach training.  It is called The Biology of Belief. On some level, coaching is premised on this idea – that our beliefs are what either propel us forward or hold us back.  For some people, the idea […]

The Lens Through Which You See The World

This week, one of my clients told me that when she goes in for a job interview, often they look at her as if they are surprised at her age. She, like many people I coach, is afraid that she is too old to be offered the kind of work she wants. I said, “how […]

Your Beliefs are Stopping You

Recently my coaching group decided to look at ways in which their beliefs were keeping them from having the businesses they want.  I said to them, “you have what you believe you can have.”  A bold statement, it seemed to me, even as I heard it come out of my mouth.  I was reminded of […]

Beware Your Interpretations

“We don’t see the world as it is; we see the world as we are.” –Anais Nin I had a client once who came to many of our calls concerned that sh e was going to be fired. She loved her job and she felt completely out of her depth much of the time. Coaching […]

How to Change Other People

Surely this will be the most popular post I have ever written.  Because this is what we are after, isn’t it?  How to change other people?  I know you have been told you can’t change others.  I know you have heard it from the “experts,” like myself.  But maybe it’s not entirely true.  Consider the […]

Be Careful the Stories you Tell

We are storytellers. That’s the nature of being human. From the beginning of humanity, we have told stories about everything — from how we got here to how we’re going to get somewhere else. We tell stories of our vacations and stories of our childhood. We tell stories of our career and stories of our […]

The Key to Success

I have a little riddle for you.  The answer is powerful – more powerful than you might think.  It can help you to make and sustain positive change, little by little, to true success in the goals you set for your business, and personal life: I am your constant companion.  I am your greatest helper […]

Perception – The Map is not the Territory

The Map is not the Territory Have you ever heard this expression — “The map is not the territory?”  Stephen Covey talks about this concept in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  I imagine the GPS in my car.  It does a great job of laying out the streets and many landmarks […]