Purpose is More Powerful Than Motivation

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This month I am talking about purpose.

What’s Your Why Kevin Durant Motivational – YouTube

One of my favorite speakers on this topic is Eric Thomas – an amazing motivational speaker.

Motivation is a funny thing. Often we think it is this “feeling” that comes over us. And on some days, it might be. But when you wait for that feeling, when you need that particular feeling in order to do the things you are up to, it can be frustrating.

A more powerful question than, “Am I motivated?” or, “What will get me motivated?” is this:

Why do I want this?

If you can connect deeply to your “why,” it will be something that grounds you when you “don’t feel like it.” And I promise you, there will be days you just don’t feel like it.

For example, I run a coach training program. It is a big undertaking. I love it and it totally fulfills me. And there is a lot involved. I work with a lot of other amazing coaches to fill up the training and then to deliver it, which is quite involved. When I feel discouraged or overwhelmed, it helps me to ask myself why? “Why am I doing this?”

What is Your Purpose

My purpose is to create connection, challenge myself and empower others through service and education.

This really speaks to me and it reminds me that I am challenging myself because that is who I am. It reminds me that I am in the business of connection and empowerment. These are not just words to me. This means that I work with people to become coaches because I see the tremendous positive effect that coaches have in the world and that matters! That allows me to know I am making a difference in this life.

And so I continue. Even when I feel challenged or frustrated.

When you watch the Eric Thomas video, he says, “The reason you don’t give 120% is you don’t have a why.” I agree!

You can have so many “why’s”. It doesn’t matter how you say it. It doesn’t need to sound like mine.

Keven Durant’s “why” was because he had a coach who died and Kevin dedicated his career to that coach. That meant something to him. Eric Thomas’s why was because his father and grandfather and he himself were all high school dropouts and he dedicated his life to making sure that did not happen for his son.

What Truly Matters to You

What’s your why for that thing you want? That thing that is scary and big and important to you. What is it that truly matters to you? Write it down and keep it near. Chances are good you will need to look at it some days.

What Truly Matters

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Cami McLaren

is the owner of McLaren Coaching. She has been coaching professionals and leaders since early 2008. She runs Transformative Coaching Essentials, a coach training program that produces first rate Professional Coaches and "Coach-Style Leaders." She coaches individually and works with organizations to improve communication, time management, productivity and ultimately bring greater results.

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