Patrick McKenna Reviews “Coaching for Attorneys”

This is an exciting piece of news for me.  Here’s the story and my learning is at the end: On my website, I have a tab called “Resources” where I have listed some law blogs, and a long list of books from diverse areas of business, as well as personal and family resources. On that […]

Women Lawyers News Reviews Coaching for Attorneys

The Value Of Social Media When I wrote my book, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, I was told that I should establish a presence on Twitter and other social media platforms.  I was already well established on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I thought why not try Twitter as well?  I imagine there […]

What is Commitment? From “Coaching for Attorneys”

My book, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, is not just for attorneys. This week I excerpt the book on an important concept in any business and in attaining any goal you have – that of commitment: What is Commitment? We start by determining your level of commitment to those things you say […]

The Purpose-Driven Practice – Excerpt from Coaching for Attorneys

“Purpose is a guiding principle that will help you understand what is most important in your life and help you make choices in keeping with that importance.  Knowing your purpose will enable you to live all areas of your life with greater meaning, which in turn makes decision-making easier, and results in greater fulfillment overall.  […]

So you want to Write a Book?

I wrote the following article for Source Point Training Company’s (SPT) weekly newsletter.  SPT is the company that provided me with my coach training.  ( I am a performance coach, working with lawyers and other professionals to attain higher levels of productivity while maintaining overall balance. Early in my coaching career, I realized I could […]

Communication Skills for Lawyers (and Others)

From Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, Chapter 8, Communication Skills for Lawyers: A Model of Effective Communication Before you have a conversation with someone, consider the following: 1. What is my desired outcome?so it is important to be very clear. Imagine yourself at the end of the conversation that went exactly as […]

“Coaching for Attorneys” Now Available as an eBook!

  The moment you’ve all been waiting for:  “Coaching for Attorneys” now available in eFormat! “Coaching for Attorneys is a “must read” for all lawyers – and law students as well. It offers sensible and specific tips, exercises, and practices that allow harried and overstressed attorneys alternatives for safe and sane professional and private […]

How Interpretation Affects Communication (From “Coaching for Attorneys”)

The Feedback Loop   Example: Ms. Jones and Bob Smith Ms. Jones is telling her associate, Bob Smith, about something that happened in one of his cases. Following is the type of feedback loop that occurs in most conversations when the parties are not tuned in and practicing effective listening: Ms. Jones: Bob, the way […]